Wednesday, August 26, 2009

a bit of home

I was thinking (yeah I know dangerous) that I should have a bit of Santa Cruz in my Italian home. Maybe like one of the many vintage looking prints or paintings that capture the Santa Cruz beach.This one is a favorite that is always for sale at Bunny's Too a store I frequent anytime I am downtown. There are many others that I like as well. I am sure that there are other bits of home here that will invade my new home, like my beach glass collection, but what are some other things that you my Santa Cruz friends would suggest?

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Brittany said...

Why not actual pictures that you take that remind you of this area? Pictures of redwood trees, the beach, the boardwalk, etc.

trinity said...

Yes those would be good too! I have three in a frame right now of the beaches around here that I love, I hope to take it with me!