Friday, August 14, 2009

entry point

Oriental TableImage by gingerbeardman via Flickr

After a long day of walking around Rome language classes and of course getting lost it will be vital to come home and have a place to just drop the maps, bags, scarf, coat phone, keys, mail from you and kick off the shoes so that I can put my sore feet on the nice cold marble floor.

So lets start to dialogue about the entry way. When I was visiting Rome in March I stayed with my fabulous team leaders and they had this perfect little entry way. Right by the door there was a place for everything I mentioned above, minus the letters from you, because well it is unlikely they know you.

I will need a console table, one that will help me organize my life in it's design but that is still cute. Some form of coat rack or hooks for the bags and coats. It would be nice to have a piece of art or something welcoming that lets me know I am home and makes you comfortable when you come to visit.

I would think a vase to hold some fresh flowers would be nice, as would a bowl or basket to hold some fresh fruit that I can grab on my way in and out. My alternative to a candy dish.

There should be a welcome mat and possibly an umbrella holder of some sort. Maybe, just an old boot. A cute old rain boot. Speaking of shoes maybe a basket or shoe rack.

I browsed a bit but am open for lots of suggestions. Here is a fun site called House to Home It has a lot of entryways and hallways to browse. I also discovered that they wisely allowed me to determine a short list of my favorites so that you could look and give me your opinions. So take a look, and let me know what your thoughts are. I selected a quite an array, but I love something about each one.

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Krista said...

The short list comes up as blank because we're not you. Are you the type of girl who likes a bowl/plate for her keys or a hook for her keys?

trinity said...

I think a bowl but a shallow one. Maybe a tray, or plate, but not hooks, I am not patient enough for hooks.

Bummer about the short list, I tried a few times, so I thought it would work, I guess not, but I am not sure why because it is just a page link, it's not like I have an account or anything. Maybe it expires.