Monday, September 7, 2009

la cucina

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"Accessible in that it seems so ordinary, unpretentious and 'just like mine,' and extraordinary in that it contains the actual tools and equipment collected, used and cared for by the beloved Julia Child."

Today I went to watch Julie and Julia for the second time, this time with my littlest sister. As I watched Julie blog about cooking her way through Julia's cookbookI could not help but think of my own neglected blog. So here I am motivated once again dear readers to share my hopes and dreams of my Roman apartment with you.

With Julia still in mind and images of her kitchen floating through my head why don't we focus on the possibilities for my kitchen. I have been thinking a lot about my kitchen this week, as I have had the house kitchen included to myself. (I live with an amazing family, not my own as I wait to move to my new home)Due to the lack of people to cook for, I invited some friends over for a BBQ this weekend, and rekindled my love of food and cooking for friends.

So now that I am inspired by my friends, food and film the essential ingredients in any of my good pondering lets discuss my favorite room of the house la Cucina.

There are of course aspects of Julia's kitchen which are worth replicating, let's face it her husband was responsible for the design of war rooms, so it is safe to assume that the kitchen he laid out for her was functional. I like the idea of having things assessable, like the peg boards for her pots and pans, and utensils. I think that this would make cooking and cleaning much simpler, not to mention the warmness and homeyness that it offers the space. I also enjoin the classic colors found in Julia's kitchen, the pale greens and blues, and might lean that way myself. Though I have been thinking along the lines of burnt orange. There is also tucked away in the corner the must have kitchen appliance the Kitchen Aid. Something I have longed to own for quite sometime. Julia's was Colbalt Blue, I however am not sure which color I love most. Part of me loves this pale blue (Tiffany color) and part of me loves the red, and yet part of me just likes the simplistic black or silver. As I added the picture I am pulled more and more towards that one, it is just so, lovely is it not? I mean if I cannot have a ring that comes out of a box like that I should at least have food that comes out of such a precious mixer. Lets be honest I would rather have the mixer than the ring. In fact for future reference if someone ever wishes to propose I would take the mixer and an inexpensive ring any day.

This post is getting long, so I will pause, more to come on kitchens I am sure, but let me know your thoughts and ideas!

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Anonymous said...

I think that cooking for friends should inspire the kitchen, speaking as one of the friends, and knowing that you love to cook! and you are dang good at it too!
I like the burnt orange look or may i suggest: the red walls, white cupboard doors, and fun appliances to match.
I do own a mixer and I do have to say that it is the way to go but a must buy once in Italy because I don't think it will fit in your carry on!


Brittany said...

Got to say, the burnt orange reminds me of the 70's. Do you really want to go there? I love the Kitchen Aid though, it's one of my favorite appliances.

trinity said...

yeah about the Burnt orange, I can see what you mean. But I am thinking more redish and only one wall. assuming I do not rent the apt, that I showed in a previous post, because that is tiled in little blue and green tiles, which would not work at all with the Burnt Orange.

But yes you kinda have to love the mixer :)

Naomi said...

Are you planning on renting a furnished apartment? If furnished, I would wait to see what's already there to decide on color. Even if unfurnished you could end up with an orange Brian and Sarah! My Kitchen Aid Mixer is white which has so far worked everywhere I've lived, but rather boring compared to all of the cool options out there (like the beautiful blue ones you posted...I like both of them :)

trinity said...

I am planning on not renting a furnished apartment, at least long term, might have to at first.

I have allergies, to most pet hair, so if I got one that someone had had with a pet that could be a problem. Plus many people tend to smoke in Rome, so I would not want things smelling like smoke.

But we'll see, if I find a fantastic furnished one that would be ok. I have never really got to set up home, though, and I am really looking forward to it.

I am not bringing much of anything with me, so whichever the case, it will all be new for me.

I know colors will depend a lot on the place, but I like day dreaming about options. :)

So glad you will be a neighbor! Looking forward to having you over :)

Naomi said...

I agree...I also love to dream and I look forward to being your neighbor :)

Also, setting up home is so much fun!!