Sunday, August 9, 2009

picture this

If you know me at all you know I love Carrie Bradshaw's apartment in Sex and the City. I loved the old one pre Big and I am okay with the one she ends up with in the movie.

This image is from the new apt. What I am drawn to here is the collection of frames that is hung above the bed. There is something about it that I adore. I am however not convinced that I would want to mimic the placement. Maybe a different room?

You cannot tell from this picture what are in the frames, and I honestly do not recall. What would you put? Family, friends, art, drawings, pages from books or mags? Something else a combo?

Lets here it.


Anonymous said...

I like the feel of the room. I like the idea of the picture frames but it could be a bit overwhelming and busy, as it is pictured above...just a thought.


trinity said...

Yes, I am thinking of not having it in the bedroom. Maybe a hall way or living room.