Monday, August 10, 2009

fun and functional

So I promised that after i head some of your thoughts on the bookshelves, I would reveal my top choices. I enjoy the white one with the odd shaped holes, I think it is fun and homey without being so abstract that it is annoying. I am not 100% sold on it though, because I think it would make finding a book difficult.

The shelf that you can put by the side of your bed or a couch that holds your coffee and the book you are reading and the other 5 or so that you are also reading seemed the most useful and I loved the idea of it. However I was not so stoked that it was metal.

{{Potd/2006-08-30 (en)}}Image via Wikipedia

I did see similar ones that were wood, but they did not have the coffee cup rest. You know how I am with my coffee and luckily Romans seem to share my love for espresso.

Maybe my favorite is the shelf that looks like a book, and holds all your books. It is simple and almost invisible. It takes nothing away from the heart of the matter, and it allows you no real room to collect dust or junk.

Like I mentioned in one of my comments I put the naked man shelf up just because it is so ridiculous. But Italians do seem to have a fondness for the naked males in their art. So maybe it would be a doorway into the culture. Or at least it would be a great conversation starter if nothing else.

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Krista said...

The "title" of the fake book which is really a shelf means: "this is not a book". It a spin off from some great art pieces and very fun.

trinity said...