Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What we've been working toward

Friday, September 24, 2010

It's Happening!

It is hard to believe, but today I went to the bank and got them to give me 3 checks (the transaction was done in Italian! By myself!) In an hour I will go to the Apartment Agency and give them the 3 checks and sign a pile of papers, and then I WILL HAVE AN APARTMENT!!!!!

I am so excited! 
I am excited because I have not had my own place since May April 2008
I am excited because it is clear that this specific apartment is where God wants me to live
I am excited because of His perfect timing (as my mom pointed out, no time or money was wasted.  I stayed Claire's and then at Brian and Sarah's till now, and today they returned.)
I am excited because I will have a HOME
I am excited because I have great friends here who have offered their services to help me get moved in and set up
I am excited because friends back in the US have been soooo supportive an some even want to help me get a few things to make it home!
I am really excited that I made it through this process in Italian on my own, a big step that would not have been possible a month ago, and proves that I am learning something!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

la casa dei miei sogni

For my homework this weekend my assignment was to write about the house of my dreams in Italian. (translation on bottom)

la casa dei miei sogni
Venerdì scorso ho trovato forse non la casa dei miei sogni, ma invece la casa delle mie preghiere. Mi sono trasferito a Roma, solo un po 'più di due mesi fa e da allora sono alla ricerca di un appartamento a chiamare casa mia. Il venerdì Dio ha infine fornito il posto perfetto!
L'appartamento è di sessanta metri quadrati ed è situato nei pressi della stazione ferroviaria di Appiano. E 'anche a pochi minuti 2 o 3 da un bel parco con un bel tramonto. L'appartamento ha un bel modo ampio ingresso, un salotto buono dimensioni, con una finestra bella e buona luce. Mi piace che la cucina è dotata di tutti i nuovi arredi, così come il resto del luogo, ma la cucina è il mio preferito. Al di fuori della cucina è un bel balcone, dove ho potuto bere il caffè la mattina.

Lungo il corridoio si trova la camera, che ha un enorme armadio e 2 letti, che mi spingerà a creare uno. Ma quello che mi piace molto questo proposito è che c'è un lampadario appeso sopra il letto.
Il bagno è bello, ma niente di speciale. Lo fa la doccia, che mi piace. E c'è una lavatrice. In un primo momento ho pensato che volevo un appartamento vuoto, ma ora che ho trovato questo posto Sono così sollevato che non devo comprare tutte queste cose.
Il soggiorno ha anche un set sala da pranzo, e un divanoletto e TV. Sono molto emozionato che mi metterò a trasferirsi nella casa della mia preghiera di questa settimana!

the house of my dreams

Last friday I found maybe not the house of my dreams, but instead the house of my prayers.  I moved to Rome just a bit more than two months ago and ever since have been searching for an apartment to call my home.  On friday God finally provided the perfect place!

The appartment is sixty square meters and is located near Appiano train station.  It is also only 2 or 3 minutes from a nice park with a beautiful sunset.  The appartment has a nice large entry way, a good size livingroom with a nice window and good light.  I love that the kitchen has all new furnishings, as does the rest of the place, but the kitchen is my favorite.  Outside of the kitchen is a nice balcony, where I could drink coffee in the morning.

Down the hallway there is the bedroom, which has a huge closet and 2 beds, which I will push together to make one.  But what I really love about it is that there is a chandelier hanging above the bed. 

The bathroom is fine, but nothing special.  It does have a shower, which I like.  And there is a washing machine.  At first I thought I wanted an unfurnished apartment but now that I have found this place I am so relieved that I do not have to buy all of these things.

The living room even has a dinning room set, and a Hide-a-bed and a TV.  I am very excited that I will get to move into the house of my prayers this week!

Friday, September 17, 2010


I am moving into this apt!!! Next week!!!

It is a total answer to prayers!  Thank you all for your support!!!

It is just what I needed and in the right location too, and God even provided the chandelier that I had wanted in my bedroom!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

feels like a gift...

This last month apt hunting has been to say the least discouraging.  In fact on Monday I was so over it that I took myself on a long walk around the neighborhood.  I ended up sitting in a park near in the rain crying out to God.  Then as I walked back to the apt I have been borrowing I began to see signs for apt for rent.  And I realized how much I would love to live near that park.  I jotted down some numbers and returned to the apt a bit ore hopeful than earlier in the day.

When I thought about calling all those apt owners in my not so fantastic Italian I got intimidated and gave up.  Then this morning I turned on my computer and discovered an email from an apt agency suggesting an apt in the area I had been looking, in my price range, and it even said they wanted a non Italian to rent it! 

During my 15 min break at school my phone rang, and I answered and spoke with the Realtor who spoke English!  And by the end of my 15 min break, I he had scheduled an apt for me to look at the apt with the Landlady tomorrow at 3:30!

Please be praying that this is the right apt.  That it truly is the gift that it feels like.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


In an hour I am going to check out apt # 3. 

This one is not far from where I have been staying, it is within my price range, and is completely unfurnished.  Have I mentioned to you that it is next to impossible to find an empty apt. for rent here.  Most come completely furnished with Grandma like or 1980's like decor.  Lovely.

So, the fact that is is nearby, and empty are big pluses.  It also has a balcony and is close to many buses!  Something I had not given much thought to until arriving in Rome. 

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I am looking at a great apt. tomorrow, with my Italian friends and I am so hopeful that this might be the one!  Please pray with me that it is!

Check it out