Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Perhaps, it is because I am single or maybe this is true for married girls too but for me a having a housewarming party was super important.  When you are single you don't get the benefit of a bridal shower, so setting up home can be a huge and expensive ordeal.  When I lived in CA every time I moved I wished that someone would give me a housewarming gift.  (I seem to recall getting a toaster from my parents but I think that was for Christmas, and a kind old man next door brought me half of a pie once.)  It never really made sense to me that we (Americans) provide everything a married couple would need for setting up a home, but expect a single person to do it alone.  (normally with 1/2 the income)

When I decided to move to Rome I kinda gave up hope of a housewarming because I figured most my friends would be in CA and that is a bit of a jaunt.  But, part of me still longed for the celebration of this wonderful new apartment.  So, I threw myself a housewarming party in Rome and invited all my friends.  Many came and we had a great night together.

But, maybe even more special (or at least equally special to me) was that one of my friends back in CA decided to throw me a long distance housewarming party.  She sent out e-vites to all my girl friends inviting them to take part in my long distance housewarming party.  All they had to do was browse through magazines or online and find something that they would like to give me for my new home, they would get the picture and some cash or check to her and she would make sure all the money and pictures got to me.  So, the other day the money got deposited into my account, and the pictures and names of those who picked the pictures are being emailed to me today, and then I get to go shopping!!!

I decided to blog about this because I thought it was such a fantastic idea!  It made my day that my friends back in CA wanted to be part of the celebration of my new home, and I think it would be splendid if this idea long distance or at home spread.  Because setting up home can be a challenge for anyone, and yet it should be a joy.  And having my friends here in Rome and in CA involved in the making of my new home makes it all the more special. 

So, if you are reading this and you are one of the firends who has helped make my apartment home, Thank you!!!  If you know someone who is just getting started out on their own, and are looking for a way to show them how much you love and support them, than I encourage you to steal this idea, even if they are miles away from you!