Tuesday, November 3, 2009

just hangin around

Painting the walls is just part of making a house a home, hanging things on them is also a great way to warm up the interior. These are images and there are more by the same artists that I really enjoy and am looking forward to gracing my walls.

I love Breakfast at Tiffany's, but am kinda bored with the traditional prints which is why I was drawn to this one. And since I want to paint a room in the Tiffany Blue it might be fun to hang this in there.

These next two are by Curly Girl Design
and in case you ever want to get me something and just don't know what, I strongly suggest any of her stuff. I just cannot get over how cute and fitting each one is. I have a card of my favorite one, but I would love to get the print of it someday. And now there are journals and I love writing, so I can see a few of those in my future.

I love this next idea. I saw it at a great little cafe, Gabriella's That I wrote about on my Local Girl Blog.I just love the writing on teh wall effect with the sticks. Might steal this idea for my kitchen or patio.

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