Thursday, September 16, 2010

feels like a gift...

This last month apt hunting has been to say the least discouraging.  In fact on Monday I was so over it that I took myself on a long walk around the neighborhood.  I ended up sitting in a park near in the rain crying out to God.  Then as I walked back to the apt I have been borrowing I began to see signs for apt for rent.  And I realized how much I would love to live near that park.  I jotted down some numbers and returned to the apt a bit ore hopeful than earlier in the day.

When I thought about calling all those apt owners in my not so fantastic Italian I got intimidated and gave up.  Then this morning I turned on my computer and discovered an email from an apt agency suggesting an apt in the area I had been looking, in my price range, and it even said they wanted a non Italian to rent it! 

During my 15 min break at school my phone rang, and I answered and spoke with the Realtor who spoke English!  And by the end of my 15 min break, I he had scheduled an apt for me to look at the apt with the Landlady tomorrow at 3:30!

Please be praying that this is the right apt.  That it truly is the gift that it feels like.