Thursday, September 17, 2009


There is something that just grabs me when I see old food advertisements. Today as I was wandering the Santa Cruz County Fair I came across a lovely display of old apple crates complete with the labels still intact.

My friend Judy was admiring them too, and let me know that I could find them on Ebay! (which means I do not need to figure out how to pack them in my two suit cases.) I did a little browsing and Judy was totally right, I found all sorts of vintage food signs and labels even in foreign languages for next to nothing!

Then I rounded the corner of the Old Farm display and discovered a nice wall display of old glass jars of different colors. Sadly they were behind glass so my pictures did not turn out that great but you can still get the feel.

More and more I am discovering my attraction to the vintage kitchen look.Maybe not quite this old, but I just love how welcoming it is. It reminds me of Anne of Green Gables for some reason. Like when Martha was standing in the kitchen making pies, it makes me want to bake a pie.

Mmmm warm apple pie...that is something American that I will be adding to my kitchen. That is if I have an oven, many Romans do not have ovens I have been told.

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